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We offer brick from Pacific Clay Products Inc.
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Thin Brick by (Pacific Clay Products Inc.)
Featured Items, Modular, Americana, Norman, Utility, Primero and Closure
Bullnose by (Pacific Clay Products Inc.)
9" Single, 12" Single, 9" Double, 12" Double, 12" Pro Finish, 12" Safety Grip, Retrofit, 9" Texas, 12" Texas, 9" Vernazza and 12" Vernazza
Wallcaps by (Pacific Clay Products Inc.)
8" Capella Wallcap, 10" Capella Wallcap, 8" Plano Wallcap and 10" Plano Wallcap
Pavers by (Pacific Clay Products Inc.)
Bear Path (2-5/8") HVR, Bear Path (2-1/4"), Modular, Modular Split, Combo, Norman, Common, Common Split, Primero, Primero Split, 4x8 - Tumbled, Alberhill, Mission, Mission - Tumbled, Jumbo, Jumbo - Tumbled, Oversized, Padre and Traveler.
Face Brick by (Pacific Clay Products Inc.)
Modular, Americana, Norman, Utility and Common Need More Options? These Pavers listed below can be used as Face Brick:
4x8 - Tumbled, Alberhill, Common, Jumbo, Jumbo - Tumbled, Norman, Oversized, Padre and Primero
Fire Brick by (Pacific Clay Products Inc.)
Fireback Full Brick and Fireback Split Brick
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